Document Management System

A system to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper.

About Us

The Doculeap is our document management system (DMS) helps to create, store, manage, and track electronic documents and images of paper-based documents. It allows to capture, distribute, and edit the documents with versioning and channel workflows.

Store, share, manage and approve your digital documents on cloud safely & securely. Manage your organization documents paperless and eco-friendly. Access your important documents from anywhere and anytime with proper authorization tool.

Our Feature

  •   All the documents are stored in enterprise secure cloud environment.
  •   Documents are end-to-end encrypted making it considerably more difficult for someone to make illegal changes.
  •   Documents can be accessed from anywhere around the globe with proper authentication and authorization.
  •   High security standards are maintained at central repository where you can put all your documents and files.
  •   Store all your documents in cloud securely.
  •   Categorize and sub categorize each document to identify easily.
  •   Save each document with meta tags, keywords, description to search easily from the pool of repository.
  •   Only authorized users can access the documents.
  •   Maintain your documents with proper versioning.
  •   An inbuilt version tool with segregates your documents or files with date and time stamp.
  •   Manage all the versions of each document easily and can publish only the latest one.
  •   Search the documents with meta keywords, name, version etc..
  •   Any document can be approved by one or several people before going to next step.
  •   Approver/Reviewer can add their comments before approving / disapproving the documents or sending to next level of approval.
  •   Any new upload of the document will be maintained properly with version control and can restore the old version on a single click.

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